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  • Standard Website up to 5 pages

The success of a website is not determined by its visual design but by its usability. Creating a user-centric website is, therefore, crucial. Here are a few key principles of a usable website design:
● A good website does not make users think. In other words, the webpage should be self-explanatory, answering all the potential questions that could arise in the visitors’ minds.
● Keep your user requirements as minimal as possible. You should not make visitors put in efforts to test their patience as this might frustrate them, and they will lose their interest.
● You should let your users explore your website without any limitations. You should not force them to share their private data as this would make them sceptical of your brand.
● Every successful website has well-written content. You can also leverage effective writing, adjusting it as per the preference of your users. Avoid big chunks of text without images, though, as people find them boring.
● Promotional writing will also not help you achieve your goals, so do not use it. Simply try to keep the content as scannable as possible. You can use bullet points, for example, to increase the scannability of your content.